This way? That way? Don't delay!

It's way ahead at ... WhitCamp 2019 

wobble it WhitCamp is
   COOL - also includes the river
WhitCamp is
   Great Fun - beyond belief

wicked WhitCamp is
   all Boys -  aged 11 and older - (no girls anywhere)
WhitCamp is
   Good food - so much

wet WhitCamp is
   Well Behaved - we're soooo good
WhitCamp is
   4 nights away from home 
 for only 
   £145 which is  fantastic value

wild WhitCamp 2019 is
     Saturday 25th midday to
     Wednesday 29th May
  that's half term week

WhitCamp ...will YOU  be there?????           ...don't be left behind!


whitcamp image header