Thank you for your interest in WhitCamp 2021.

In March last year, the rise in the Covid pandemic and conformance to Government guidelines meant that we had to cancel WhitCamp 2020. We were able to run a number of Virtual camps on line which a lot of people enjoyed.

The hope towards the end of the year was that we would be able to run WhitCamp 2021 following a reduction in the UK infection rates and the advent of vaccination. However, the advent of UK National Lockdown again means that we are currently unable to make any plans for running WhitCamp 2021 at our Ballingham location.

We do believe that events like WhitCamp have been and will continue to be greatly blessed by the Lord. We are therefore continuing to consider how best to continue WhitCamp in future years, and will communicate our ideas in due course. For details on other Urban Saints events, please refer to the US website

As followers of Jesus, we still have much to do to both pray and serve Him in our church and local communities. There are a great many things that we can bring before the Lord at this time. Let us in particular uphold our friends at the camp location of Ballingham Court Farm.

Simon Mason, Nat Thomas, Lawrence Tebboth

February 2021

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