If I come, can I share a tent with my friend?

We do try and arrange this especially if you are of a similar age. If we can't there is still plenty of opportunity to spend your time with your friend in all the other things we do at WhitCamp.

What if I don't like WhitCamp? Can I go home?

Of course you can but quite honestly, it is rare that anyone wants to go home. The atmosphere at WhitCamp is intentionally very friendly. It's great fun, and it's our aim that you really enjoy yourself so that you want to come back next year.

Can I make new friends at WhitCamp easily?

Yes. WhitCamp is a very friendly place, so we don't see why not. There are lots of opportunities to make friends and to enjoy yourself, and many boys come back year after year.

What else can I do if I decide not to canoe or swim?

No probs. Quite a lot of people don't do either of these things and still join in plenty of other games. There are loads of other things like Table Tennis, Snooker, Table football, Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Football and other organised games. The challenge is often to find time to do everything you want to!!

I can't get any of my friends to come and I'm not sure that I want to come on my own.

At WhitCamp we can quite understand this. Quite a few boys do come on their own, however, and soon make friends. WhitCamp is a very friendly holiday, and we will do everything possible to make sure that you feel at home and that you enjoy it.

My Parents have said that I can come but they would like to know who organises WhitCamp.

There is a section on the Parents' Page of this website which says something about us. (They might like to look at the other information on that page as well). Or they could speak to the person who gave you the booking form, Or they could speak to the WhitCamp leader on the telephone number on the booking form. They could also email the Website Manager on the email address also given on this site. (We don't post any surnames or addresses on this web site.)


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