What kit do I need to bring?

What ?

Why ?

Sleeping Bag If you can, a 3 season bag is the best. It can get a bit cold some nights. If you haven't got a 3 season then bring an extra blanket.
Sleeping mat Even if you have a 3 season bag, a sleeping mat underneath you at night is a great help.
Pillowcase Don't bring a pillow, just a pillow case and  you can put sweaters and things in the pillowcase for a pillow.
Pyjamas Warm ones, and you will still want to put tracksuit bottoms and a sweater on top before getting into your sleeping bag. Better too warm than too cold.
Sweaters At least two warm sweaters.
Shirts Two or three. Football strip if you like. Jeans or track suit bottoms.     Whatever you wear at home. You need a couple of pairs of long trousers/jeans/etc.
Trainers For wearing in the field or going off site.
Wellies The older leaders often have a pair of wellies! Non - cool? Maybe, but they know what they're doing. There can be a lot of dew on the grass in the morning (even rain) and trainers get wet quickly.
Underwear Sensible stuff, please, guys.
Handkerchiefs Not much you can say about these, is there? 
Anorak/Waterproof It has been known to rain at WhitCamp.
Socks There's not much you can say about these, either. Suggest not the squeaky ones with teddy bears on.
Washing things like soap etc. OK. Don't laugh. As long as your mum thinks you've used it. But bring it just in case...
Towel Absolutely essential. The river is wet. The rain is wet. The dew is wet. The swimming pool is wet. You need it for when you wash behind your ears.
Swimming things You might want to go to the swimming pool, cross the rope bridge, take the swimming test. Unless you definitely won't be swimming (because you can't or doctor's orders) make sure you pack your swimming costume.
Plastic bags For holding very smelly clothes and wet gear (preferably not black bin bags please - bin bags can be mistaken for rubbish!)
Plates and cutlery? No, we will provide this for you.
Canoeing kit If you are hoping to canoe, you need canoeing clothes which will get wet through. What do you need? -  a lightweight windproof top (no padding) keeps the wind out, a T-shirt, sweater, lightweight shorts, and an extra pair of trainers.  It's useful if all your kit is marked with your name/initials. We supply the safety kit like buoyancy aids and helmets, and qualified instructors.
Water bottle Always handy, especially if you join in the mountain biking and/or a trip down river in a canoe/kayak.
Small backpack Recommended if you wish to do some mountain biking.
A torch Although we try and light the essential parts of WhitCamp at night, you will  need a torch. Even if it's just for looking in your bag at night. Make sure that the batteries are new.
A Bible You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer, but all WhitCampers will be offered one to use on site (free of charge) & take home after camp.
Money Loads of dosh?  You won't need much at all. We have a tuck shop on site selling sweets and drinks at shop prices. You may want to go swimming at the Swimming Pool (about £4.50 or thereabouts) and you will get a chance to go into the local town. £25 should be more than adequate. John says he often doesn't spend anything at all (no he's not Scottish!).

What not to bring !

Mobile phones Mobile phones and water don't go together. Leave it at home. If you bring one  your mum will be asking if you've washed behind your ears, and cleaned your teeth and changed your underwear, and...and...and..       just leave it at home.
Radios, televisions, computers, mp3 players You really won't have time.
The dog, your sister, your parents, your homework We know you won't be bringing them, just be sensible in the things you do bring. Please remember that in a 40 acre field, our prized possessions do get left lying around and sometimes lost. They sometimes go floating down the river, and whereas if it is you floating down the river then we might jump in to save you, we don't guarantee that we will do so for your pet hamster. We don't want it to happen to you. (Of course, you may want to lose your sister).
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