This page includes the sort of questions that parents might like answered. It includes statements from the WhitCamp Handbook and it covers such questions as What is WhitCamp? and What safety measures are in place?


What is WhitCamp?

WhitCamp started in the late 1930’s and has grown and changed with the times. It is now an outdoor camp (sleeping in tents) for boys that runs for five days over the Spring Bank Holiday of each year attracting youngsters of eleven years to sixteen years of age, many of whom return year after year. The site in use is on the banks of the River Wye and provides a safe location for many field activities, games, and trips, as well as canoeing and swimming, (not mandatory activities), and which are supervised by qualified canoeists and life savers. The adult leadership is drawn from various church denominations and is overseen by a senior group of adult leaders. The adult to child ratio is in the region of 1:3.

As a Christian organisation...

...We aim to provide an excellent short holiday for boys which is in a Christian atmosphere and which they will thoroughly enjoy. We are also part of Urban Saints, the Christian youth organisation formerly known as Crusaders (until 2006).


Urban Saints is the operating name of The Crusaders' Union, a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales, company number 07771037, charity number 1144923, and in Scotland, charity number SCO39313.

WhitCamp Christian Policy

As well as aiming to provide an enjoyable time for young people, WhitCamp aims to encourage them to understand that the teaching as found in the Bible is important to them, and that it is a challenge to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. An evening ‘club’ is held each day which includes worship and a short (about 15 minutes) talk based on the Bible. There is also a ten minute morning Bible study period and sometimes a ‘morning comment’ at breakfast time. Emphasis is placed not only on spiritual belief but also on living the Christian 'lifestyle'.

The Christian teaching is overseen by the Senior Group of leaders and is maintained at a simple level. No pressure is exerted on any young person to 'believe', but rather they are encouraged to believe it and to read the Bible themselves and to involve themselves in a Christian young persons' group at home and / or a church of their own or their parents’ choosing.

The Leadership of WhitCamp is drawn from churches of different denominations and no one church denomination is emphasised. In practice the subject of church denominations rarely arises.

Why is WhitCamp only for boys?

In an age in which most schools and most activities are designed for both boys and girls we have given considerable thought to this question and have taken advice from those involved in the running of mixed holidays and camps. The outcome and the advice has been that there is a need and a demand for a 'boys only' activity where boys can 'be themselves' and where they are unaffected by the presence of girls. Many of those who lead WhitCamp have been, or are currently, involved in mixed youth groups and mixed youth group activities as well as being involved in Whitcamp.

What Health and Safety measures are in place at WhitCamp?

We are very concerned that everything that happens at WhitCamp is carried out in a safe manner. Safety procedures are in place for the activities, such as Canoeing (which is led by British Canoe Union trained Senior Instructors), River Swimming (should it be warm enough), Archery, and Air Rifle Shooting. Common sense prevails in other activities such as football, volleyball, halo. swingball, and other games.

Hygiene is also high on the agenda. Boys are not usually known for using soap and while we encourage them to do so we also ensure that hands are washed and rinsed with a disinfectant hand wash, dried, and an anti bacterial gel applied every time toilets are used, and before each meal. Careful attention is taken regarding the sun and covering up, and using sunblock for protection.

WhitCamp aims to have one person concentrating on any first aid needed and any sickness which might occur, and the dispensing of any medicines brought by boys. All parents are asked to complete a medical form on behalf of their son so that we have some knowledge of his health and any medicines he may be taking.

Are any surnames published on this website?

No. We are adamant that no surnames or addresses, whether of a child or an adult, will be published. Neither will there be any virtual ‘Forum’ or 'Chat Room' whereby ‘conversations' between users can take place. However, contact may be made via our Contact Us form which is managed by the Administrator, from our group of Senior Leaders.

The website is intended only for those boys who have been to WhitCamp, and for their parents, or boys who are interested in coming to WhitCamp. The Website is not ‘searching’ for contacts from unsolicited sources but is intended as a resource for those who have already attended one of the camps, or who have some contact with someone who has attended.

Some of the sites which are advertised on the Links Page do, however, have forums and parents might like to view or monitor these. Anyone who applies to WhitCamp must agree to our Privacy Policy (this is GDPR compliant and reviewed regularly).

How can I pay for the holiday?

You can pay the full amount when booking the holiday (see Apply).  Or you can pay a deposit now (non returnable) followed by a balance payment due by 30th April. You can pay online by card or Paypal, by phone and internet banking or by cheque.

Is there help for low income families?

If you need some help to pay the full amount, you might want to talk to your local youth or church leader. They might be able to help. You can also consider applying for financial support towards the cost of the holiday at The David Chilcott fund. Applications are treated in confidence.

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Some small print...


It is expected that all participants will behave reasonably. Anyone who grossly or repeatedly misbehaves will be sent home. Collection from the holiday will be the responsibility, and at the expense, of the parent/guardian. Parents will be required to pay for deliberate damage caused by their children. Smoking and alcohol are NOT permitted on the holiday. In the unlikely event of anyone being found in possession of controlled drugs, they will automatically be referred to the police.


Web site
Any quotes on this web site are from boys and leaders who came on the holiday. Photographs and video were all taken at the holiday in previous years. Activities change from year to year.


Acceptance of booking
WhitCamp does not guarantee to accept all bookings.  Acceptance may be based, for example, on referees’ recommendations and on availability of accommodation.


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